Spanish Atlantic Coast

We sailed along the Spanish Atlantic Coast and stopped in 2 ports, Camariñas and Vigo. The cruising guide book says that the Cape Finisterre in Spain is a challenging coast for the adventurous because of the swell and the large rocks in shallow waters. We first wanted to skip this area because we didn’t want to take any risks but the harbour master in La Coruña assured us that it was safe and only during bad weather should this area be avoided. The general rule we follow when sailing “challenging” areas is to sail far offshore and never cut the corners.

Camariñas is a small, sleeping town which does not have a lot to offer. We didn’t expect this since Camariñas is a place where a lot of ships sailing to the south stop-over. Unlike other marinas we’ve seen before, the harbour master’s office is in a small, wooden shed. What was interesting to see were the old, stone grain stores built on “mushrooms”. It is built high from the ground to keep the mice away. We have never seen this before so it must be something unique to this area. We walked around town but because there were no interesting sights, we were back in an hour. So, we decided that it would be a good day for us to do the necessary chores like fill up the water and fuel tanks, vacuum, clean the oven, do some groceries, etc.

Harbour Master's office

Harbour Master’s office

The highlight of our day was when we tried a Galician delicacy called Percebes (goose barnacles) a crustacean that grows on rocks. We first did our homework and googled how to eat this dinosaur looking creature so as not to look like an ignoramous in the restaurant. The taste was quite good and similar to lobster.


Galician delicacy “Percebes”


Vigo on the other hand is quite a large city. The marina has a restaurant, swimming pool and sauna which probably used to be luxurious in the old days but is now in need of some serious maintenance. We had high expectations for Vigo but the old center was quite small with just a few old buildings. So, we decided to leave the next day and set off to Portugal.