For the last 15 years, we have had a plan to sail from The Netherlands to the Philippines. Erwin has always loved sailing but before we could pursue this plan, we wanted to make sure that I too enjoyed it and not only as a hobby but as a way of life.

Erwin’s father had a Maxi 770 sailboat which we would use once in a while for a weekend sailing to Amsterdam, Volendam or Hoorn at the Lake IJssel. Although I very much enjoyed those sailing weekends, I was there mainly as a passenger and did not have any knowledge of sailing.

Schakel 027

Since buying a boat was a major step we decided that I should first learn how to sail. We bought a “schakel” which is a small, open wooden sail boat for me to learn the techniques of sailing. Erwin taught me how to sail during the weekends at the River Lek and he said that the principles of sailing a small boat are actually the same as sailing a big boat.

foto 222

Bavaria 37 – Charter boat in Greece


Once I learned how to sail in the “schakel” we decided to charter a 37 foot Bavaria yacht in Greece for a week to see how I would like it. We had a great sailing week and I was convinced that this was something I wanted to do more often in the future.




Our first boat “Anna” Defender 35 before the renovation.

P1030119 cropped

“Take5ive” Defender 35 after the renovation.

When we came back from our sailing trip in Greece we were sure that we wanted to buy a bigger boat and so we travelled all over The Netherlands to find the perfect boat for us. We both fell in love with “Anna” a 35 foot Defender which is quite a unique Dutch made boat since there were only 8 of them built. We did a complete renovation on the boat a year after and changed the name to “Take5ive”.



Neptunus III


When our plan to sail to the Philippines came closer we sold “Take5ive” and bought a bigger and more comfortable boat which is the “Neptunus III” a 41 foot Jeanneau Voyage.